Frequently Asked Questions

How much does the studio cost?
Nothing. Zip. Zilch. Zero.
There are no membership fees for the studio. There is no class tuition. We try to keep all costs as minimal as possible, but if there is a 3rd party cost for a field trip or activity, we post that information at the time of sign up and the money goes directly to the 3rd party.

Do I have to teach a class?
It is not mandatory that parents teach a class at the studio. (But if you would like to, just let us know!)

Can I just drop my kids off?
The studio operates as a cooperative. We need as many hands-on-deck as possible to help with classes. If there is not a need for helpers for that particular class, you are welcome to work on other projects or visit in another room. (But please be respectful of volume levels for classes that are actively happening)
Our drop off age is 12 years old. Children younger than 12 years old must have an adult on the premise that is responsible for them. If you will be dropping your child off for classes, a signed waiver needs to be on file.

Do we have to attend everything at the studio?
No. You are welcome to enroll in as many classes as you like.

What if we are going to be absent?
Please be respectful of the teachers and fellow classmates – punctuality and regular attendance is crucial for class success. We understand life can throw curve balls, so just let the studio/ teacher know if you are going to be tardy or absent on the REMIND app. (The student will need to arrange a time for any make up work that may need to be done.)

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