BKBeats Program


Family class is perfect for kids and adults.

Our cardio drumming classes combine music, movement, and drumming for a workout like no other. Stimulate the brain and exercise the body while laughing and having fun. Completely adaptable for all ages and abilities. You do not have to be a drummer to enjoy this class!

Mommy & Me Class is perfect for kids 2 to 4 years old, and their parents. We focus on movement, rhythm, motor skills, and coordination in this fun 30 minute class.

Kids Class is 45 minutes long and all ages and abilities are welcome to attend. The kids move and drum with drumsticks on large yoga balls, working on their hand-eye coordination, rhythm, and listening skills. They have so much fun, they forget they are exercising!

Family Class, just like kids class, is open to both adults and kids. It is only 45 minutes long and a lower intensity level than the adult class. Mom and dads are welcome to come workout together with their kids, but it is not a requirement.

Adult Classes are an hour long, more intense than the kids’ classes, a lot of fun, and a great workout!


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